Illinois Approves Historic Sustainable Capital Bill


Spring 2019 saw the passage of Rebuild Illinois which provided about $30 Billion dollars in transportation funding. Below we've broken down some of the reasons the capital bill is a good and imortant investment in Illinois. 


Smoother, Safer Rides

The transportation/capital bill approved this eyar in Springfield is designed to make everyone's commute to work smoother, safer, and in some cases, quicker. The funding will make possible long overdue improvements in local municpal, county and township roads and bridges, state roads and bridges, urban and rural transit systems, rail-to-road crossings and airports throughout the state. 


Decaying roads present a real danger and also drive up the costs for motorists who need to use them. Potholes can bust a tire and tire rim. Cracks in the highway can cause vehicles to be thrown into the next lane, potentially into the path of other vehicles. Many Illinois drivers experience damage to their cars becuase of the poor condition of our roads. Being able to maintain our roadways will prevent potentially catastrophic accidents like one Illinois resident experienced when a chunk of the decaying road was thrown into and through their windshield, landing in the child car seat in the back seat. Fortunately the carseat was empty at the time. 


For commuters in the Chicago area, many train cars are old enough to be on Medicare. The Regional Transportation Authority service boards have been doing great work to keep these trains running, but the equipment does need to be retired soon. 


These are problems that the capital bill investment will work to fix. 


Adjusting for Inflation to be able to Maintain

Illinois roads and bridges, transit and rail systems and airports have been losing ground to inflation for the past 30 years. This year we are beginning to catch up after that 30-year lag and to position the state to be able to take care of what we already have in place. The transportation bill isn't about building pet projects, it's about preserving what we need as a state to prosper. 


Transportation Funds Protected

Tax payers can rest easy knowing that the money collected on transportation user fees is constitutionally protected. Therefore the money can not be used ot fund anything other than the transportation needs. 



Economic Development and Jobs

Because the transportation investment program established annual funding every year into the foreseeable future, Illinois has created a path for steady job outlook in transportation construction trades. Now, an apprentice can learn a trade, confident he or she will have work to build a career on. 


Illinois also hopes to grow job opportunities outside the transportation construction industry by assuring businesses looking ot locate or expand here that the transportation systems their employees and customers rely on will be well maintained. 


Illinois has a unique advantaged based on our location in the center of the United States. By maintaining our trasnportation infrastructure, we can maintain and grow our economy, which also improves quality of life for all Illinois taxpayers. 



The Transportation for Illinois Coalition has compiled a detailed set of documents explaining the transportation challenges and best solutions, through the It’s Time 2019 campaign. Read more here:


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