2019 It's Time!

"Today’s support for a new capital plan in Illinois is long overdue and a critical step forward for our state.

Our theme for this session was It’s Time, signaling the extreme urgency to address infrastructure investment. Sagging and inadequate user fees, changes in driving habits and increasing costs of maintaining and repairing our transportation system have combined to create a perfect storm of tremendous needs. Every pothole we hit, every congested road lane, every delayed transit train is a constant reminder of the need for capital investment.

We give significant credit to the Legislature and Gov. Pritzker for recognizing Illinois cannot move its economy ahead without stronger infrastructure. Thank you for having the courage to level with taxpayers about our needs and approving a reasonable set of revenues to responsibly fund the needed investment, and to ensure we are never in this position again. Our future is brighter because our policymakers agreed It’s Time for new capital investment in the transportation infrastructure that moves our state forward.

The program approved today will not solve all of our problems. It represents a compromise as policymakers tried to balance the concerns of taxpayers who opposed higher taxes with the need to increase revenues so that we can address infrastructure. It took years of neglect to get to where we are today, and it will take years to address these challenges. The Transportation for Illinois Coalition will continue to advocate for future transportation resources to go to fund the immediate repair and maintenance needs of our roads, bridges and transit systems."


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