The TFIC Plan

The TFIC funding plan was created with the following goals:

  • Restore the state highway system to 90% acceptability for roads and 93% acceptability for bridges
  • Provide an adequate pay-as-you-go program that will maintain those favoribility ratings into the future
  • Provide a reasonable increase in funding for local roads--over 88% of road miles are local roads
  • Provide for an ongoing pay-as-you-go component for transit to meet their growing infrastructure needs
  • Provide for other transportation needs through an adeqaute bonding component


Taxpayers can expect improved roads and bridges and a more efficient transportation network from this plan.


The total amount needed to accomplish these goals is just over $1.8 billion annually, assuming flat federal funding.


In response to the recent reduction in gas prices, the sales tax on motor fuel that TFIC had proposed dedicating to the Road Fund has declined significantly in value. We are working on revising our proposal to adjust for the low cost of gasoline and to take into account some of what we heard from outside groups. TFIC continues to look at a variety of user fees and more broad-based taxes that could raise the new funding Illinois’ infrastructure needs while also keeping the burden to taxpayers as small as possible.


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